Get a GRIP!
Bow-Grip Bow Vise

Finally a bow vise has been designed that is truely versatile! After years of only having a modified bow holder to hang your bow in while being maintananced there is a NEW! BETTER! true vise that holds your bow securely in an infanant number of positions while you make repairs or add accessories. Sounds complicated right?! Not really. Any position you desire can be obtained by turning only ONE (1) thats right 1 (ONE) knob! I know it sounds hard to imagine something like that can exist. The Bow-Grip was refined by real professional Pro Shop owners and bow experts, we asked what they thought would be the best design and features to incorporate in the Bow-Grip and we took the best of them left out the "Batteries Required" and BAM! We made the most versatile easy to use and toughest bow vice on the planet.


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